Tunisian holiday

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Tunisian holiday

My wife and I were sitting in the bar of the resort nightclub. We were drinking heavily, intent on having a good time. My wife is an attractive lady, 45 years old, a natural redhead, and a nice curvy figure. She was wearing her black mini-dress, black stockings and knee-high boots. She always wore a g-string when we went out. She loved to tease me with it by opening her legs for me to view when I was walking across the floor to or from the bar. I always knew to take a look at her crotch and to see if anyone else had noticed her pose.

After we had too much to drink and had danced to excess on the dance floor we tried to head back to our hotel room. I could barely stand let alone walk properly and my wife was in no fit state either. We passed the security guys on the way out and stopped with them briefly to take a rest and steady ourselves for the next bit of our journey. My wife got chatting to one of them in particular and she discovered that he was from Chad. He was so black compared to her white skin that even in my drunk state I couldn't help be turned on by the contrast of skin colors.

This Chad guy offered to assist us back to our room and we agreed. When we got to the door, we fumbled for the keys and my wife found them in her purse eventually. The security guy opened the door and led us in. I fell in to a seat near the door, completely exhausted. He helped my wife over to the bed and let her lie down. Her legs and were dangling over the side of the bed as she lay motionless on her back. He asked if we needed any further assistance and I couldn't help but seize the opportunity to see what he would do if offered him a chance to partially undress my wife. So I asked him to take off her boots as this would have been a big effort for either me or my wife. He looked at her and then back at me and at this stage I was pretending to fall asleep.

Reaching down he lifted my wifes left leg slowly and then began to open her laced boot. He pulled the boot off, exposing her stocking clad foot. Then he placed himself in between her legs, knelt down on the floor and raised her right leg. I could see he was looking up her skirt. He looked around at me but I pretended not to be watching. He slowly unlaced her right boot and then took it off.

He paused for a moment and then slowly real forced anal against her will pushed the bottom of her skirt up towards her crotch. He looked over at me again and then turned his attention back to me wife. I could see him pushing his hand up under her skirt and his slow rubbing motion as he rubbed my wifes mound. She was starting to moan a little, she knew someone was trying to arouse her juices.

The black guy then sensing her approval stood up and pushed her dress all the way up to her navel, exposing her diamond body piercing. It glittered in the light of the room. He could now she her g-string and hairy red mound underneath it. He opened the side fasteners and pulled the g-string away. My cock had swollen and my nuts were bursting just looking at this black guy standing between my wifes legs and peering down at her naked red-haired cunt. He rubbed her cunt and inserted a finger. He took it out, licked it and tasted her juices. He knew she was ready!

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He dropped her to the floor, discarding her as if she had no further use. After putting on his clothes he lifted her back up on to the bed and then taking her g-string he pushed it inside her pussy. He carefully pulled her dress down around her thighs. Then he calmly left the room. When I was sure he was gone I went over to my wife, she was sweating but had a satisfied look on her face. I put my hand up under her skirt and fingered her pussy to feel for the g-string. I pulled it out. It was soaked with the black mans cum and my juices. I smelled it and licked it. Taking off my clothes I put my wifes g-string on and then sat over face.

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