Friends share everything

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Friends share everything

Story number : 6

Before you start reading : Please forgive me for my /bad/">bad grammar and vocabulary but that’s cause my first language is NOT English but Dutch . But I do the best I can wwwxxx to write a decent story that is pleasant to read . When I write my stories I don’t always find the words I need to express myself . So if that bugs you , you should stop reading now , if you don’t care about it , enjoy the story . 

Friends share everything 

It must have been about one year ago now that I rolled myself into this naughty adventure . I was 24 years old at that moment . If I remember well it must have been somewhere around May but I am not sure , but it doesn’t really matter . After another day of work I came home and noticed a nice BMW on the driveway . I recognized this one . It belonged to Steve . Steve was and still is , my partner’s /friend/best-friend/">best friend . They have know each other since their youth . They have a band like brothers do . Steve was 31 years old at that moment , same age as my partner . I haven’t told you much about my partner yet . His name is Edwin , at that moment also 31 years old . Steve and Edwin has shared some girlfriend too in the past . They didn’t mind , they even told me they once had a 3-some with a girl but I don’t know if that’s true . For a long time they also worked together for the same company but a few years ago Steve decided to start his own company . Now he has a blossoming company and earning big money . 

I walked into the living room and said hello to Edwin and Steve , gave them both a kiss . Only difference was that Edwin got a kiss on the lips . I took place on the couch , wondering why he was paying us a visit . Steve had this little problem : he had to go to an important business meeting with diner . But he needed a partner to go with him to that diner . And since Steve is a wanted but single guy , he didn’t have a partner to escort him to that meeting . Now he was here to ask u if it was okay if I went to that diner with him to pretend I was his partner . I looked at Edwin . He nodded . No problem at all . That’s what friends are for . The dinner was tomorrow evening and we had to be dressed in evening outfit . So I had to find a nice evening dress to match with his tuxedo . He would pick me up around 6 pm tomorrow . 

Why Steve is single you wonder ? Well he has had many relationships but he is so busy with his company that he cant put much effort in a relationship which always cause them to brake up . He was a good looking guy , and /sweet/">sweet , but the fact that his company came first , wasn’t a very good thing for his relationships .

The next day . It was already 4 pm and I still didn’t know what to wear . Clothes were flying through the room as I was searching for the perfect dress . Yes , found it . This was the right one . It was a wine-red tube gown , stretch material , with a deep cut on the left leg and almost touching the floor . The shoes I already found that morning in my closet : adjustable double strap vamp with insole quarter strap made from genuine suede , 4 inch stiletto heel , and black off course . Under all that I was going to wear a strapless red silk bra and a matching red silk /thong/">thong . All this mixed with a little make up and some perfume . 

Almost 6 pm . I was adjusting my hair a bit when I heard Steve’s car ride up our driveway . I walked into the living room where Steve was waiting after Edwin has let him in the house . They both stared at me as I walked into the room . I blushed . They said I looked awesome beautiful . I made clear that we should get going and I kissed Edwin goodbye . He slapped me on my ass as I walked by , telling me to be nice and not to get into any naughty things . I winked and closed the door behind me . Steve was looking very handsome in that tuxedo . If I didn’t have a partner I would try to seduce him for sure ! While we were driving he made some more compliments on my looks causing me to blush even more . 

We arrived at the restaurant . A very classy place where they opened the door of the car for me . I got out of the car and waited till Steve got beside me . He grabbed my hand and told me to be a good wife and we walked into the restaurant were some business people were already waiting for us . We greeted them and we took place at a table . With me and Steve , there were 8 people sitting at the table . I am not going to tell much about the food cause that would get boring , so I am going to skip about an hour to where Steve started coming on to me . While talking to those people he laid his hand on my leg , slowly rubbing my thigh . I didn’t want to make those people get the wrong ideas so I could not slap his hand or something so I let him do what he was doing . All I had to do at that moment was shut up and smile , pretending to be his loving wife . At some moments Steve’s hand even moved far up my leg , too far for me at least , not for Steve , he was enjoying this . Diner was over and we made our way to the bar and ordered us some alcoholic drinks . It seemed the diner was a success cause Steve was in a very good mood . Now , alcohol is not good for me . In fact its my poison , when I get too much , and I don’t need much , I start to get very naughty and do things I normally don’t do . The problem was that they kept on ordering the same drinks over and over so it didn’t took me long to get tipsy . But I managed to behave . It was hard but I succeeded . 

The business people left the restaurant and we made our way to the car . I wanted to open the portal of his car but Steve turned me around . He told me how much he enjoyed the evening so far . I wondered what he meant by ’so far’ ? He laid his hands on my bare shoulders and smiled : ’You know Amanda , Edwin is one lucky guy . I would love to be as lucky as him.’ Again he made me blush , and he knew he could make me blush with his compliments . He was doing it on purpose . He leaned forward and kissed me in my neck , moving upwards to my ear as he whispered : ’Why don’t we go to a nice hotel and have some fun there , what do you think ?’ I giggled : ’I don’t know Steve , I don’t think Edwin would like that.’ Steve smiled : ’We have shared so many girls and other things in the past , I am sure he would not mind.’ I doubted . ’Think about it on the way to the hotel , we can always go back and drop you off at your place , okay ?’ I nodded and stepped into the car . On our way to the hotel I was thinking about Edwin . Would he mind , would he be upset or even throw me out of the house ? But on the other hand , all those stories they had told me about sharing girls and other things ? Maybe I should give this a try .

We arrived at the Holliday Inn hotel . Steve checked in while I waited in a couch . A few minutes later he waves some keys in front of me so I got up and we walked into an elevator . Our room was on the second floor so we didn’t had so stand long in the elevator . We walked to the room , Steve opened the door with the keycard . A very large and luxurious room with a very large bed . I think he had chosen this room for the bed , I am sure about it . Steve let me in first and I walked into the room . While I was standing still and looking around , Steven walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me . His soft lips touched my neck as he started to kiss my neck all over . I tilted my head a bit as his tongue flicked all over my ear , taking my earlobe into his mouth as he nibbled on it . He turned me around and made me walk backwards . He smiled . My back touched the wall . Steve got down on his knees and lifted up my dress . He took my leg and lifted it up to lay it on his shoulder . I grabbed the edges of my dress and I held it up to make it a little easier for him . He took the edge of my thong and slipped it aside to bare my freshly bald shaved pussy to him . ’Ooh Amanda , you are so hot , I love it when a woman shaves her pussy bald’ , Steve smiled . He started with soft kisses on the insides of my thighs . He planted a kiss right on my labia . He slipped his tongue between my outer pussy lips and moved it upwards to reach the hood of my clitoris . With his hand he lifted up the hood of my clitoris to expose my clit and all its prettiness . With one hand I was holding my dress up and with my other hand I grabbed him by the hair to pull him closer . His tongue started flicking all over my clit . I legs started shaking cause he was so good at giving me some oral pleasure . With a fast pull he pulled down my thong cause I guess it was bugging him to keep it aside all the time . Now he hand 2 hands to play with me and with one he was keeping my clit all open and clear to lick it with his tongue and with his other hand he slipped a finger inside my moist cunt . I was already wet . I wonder why I was so wet ? Cause of his licking of maybe cause of the adventure I was in ? He started moving his finger in and out . A second finger followed quickly while I pulled him close against my pussy with my legs which was still laying on his shoulder . 

Steve stopped licking and fingering me and stood up . He licked his lips , licking my juice off his lips and saying : ’ I wanne fuck you so bad Amanda’ . He walked to a chair and stopped in front of it . He dropped his pants quick , followed by his boxers and took place in the chair . ’Come here Amanda’ , he smiled . I walked towards him after grabbing a condom from my purse . I kneeled down in front of him and opened the package to get the condom . Slowly I applied the condom around Steve’s hard as rock shaft . I got up and hiked my dress around my waist and I took place above Steve’s lap . I spitted in my hand and made the condom a bit wet and as I squatted down I slowly guided his cock inside /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy . I felt how the head of his cock was spreading the inner lips of my pussy , slowly gliding into my cunt . Inch by inch I lowered my body on his cock to receive his full manhood inside me . I was facing him and started moving up and down . Steve laid his head backwards and enjoyed me riding his cock . He laid his hands on my hips to show me the rhythm I had to follow . My body was rocking up and down , his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick inside me , filling my pussy all the way . It felt so good . My legs were trembling each time his cock moved all the way in . The sound of the juices flowing around between our bodies made me fuck him even harder . Now that I had found the rhythm , Steve used his hands to massage my breasts through the fabric of my dress . My breath was getting louder now and I was moaning . Steve was encouraging me to fuck him harder and harder . I was riding him like an animal . My hair waving around in every way as I was shaking my head , arching backwards , riding his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard , yes , this was fantastic . Me legs were starting to feel numb . I wasn’t used to all this work . Normally it was I would liked to be taken instead of me have to do all the work . 

Steve noticed that the pace was slowing down so he commanded me to get up as I did . He guided me to a wall and ordered me to bend over against the wall . I placed my hands against the wall and pushed my ass backwards . Steve hiked my dress around my waist again and kicked my legs open . ’Spread them for me sweetie’ : he smiled . I spread my legs open and look behind me . Steve took place behind me and shoved his hard dick back in my soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy . He grabbed my hips to pull my cunt onto his cock each time he pushed in deep . Each trust his cock touched my g-spot . My juices were running down the insides of my thighs . He was fucking me real had now , his balls slamming against me . Bucking faster and faster , my legs shaking . He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head backwards . With his other hand he spanked me hard on my ass . I felt an orgasm building up inside me . I was moaning so hard the people in the room next to ours must have heard me . Steve was moaning very hard when his cum exploded inside the condom . On the same time I was having my orgasm , my pussy contracting around his cock , milking all the cum out of his balls . I was exhausted , couldn’t even stand on my legs and I walked to the bed and laid down . After removing the condom , Steve pulled up his boxers and pants and took place in the chair to relax . 

Steve looked at his watch . I was almost sleeping till he said : ’Shit Amanda , its already 2 am , we have to get going before Edwin will get worried !’ . Quickly I grabbed my purse and we headed back to the elevator . Inside the elevator Steve gave my a big /kissing/tongue-kiss/">tongue kiss to thank me for the lovely evening . I blushed . A few minutes later we were in his car , driving back home . Fuck ! I just realized that I had forgotten my thong in the hotel room ! Shit , and Steve didn’t want to drive back . After all it was just a thong . Still , I was worried . 

We arrived at my house and Steve dropped me off . He said it was wisely not to come inside the house so he took off after giving a goodbye kiss , on the cheek this time . Probably my partner Edwin was sleeping so very quietly I opened the front door and closed it behind me . All the lights were out . I took my shoes off the wwwxxx cause those damn stilettos would make to much noise on the tiles . On the tip of my toes I walked towards our bedroom and I opened the door . Edwin was sleeping . I knew it for sure cause he was snoring ! I took off my dress and dropped in on the floor and crawled into the bed with him . I curled up against him . This woke him up . ’Hey sweetie , had a good time ?’: he whispered . ’Yes baby , I tell you everything about it tomorrow’ , I replied and we went to sleep . 

The next morning I told my partner everything , everything that happened that evening and night . Cause me and my partner don’t have secrets . And the fact that we are still together and that he and Steve are still best friends says enough I hope . 

I hope you enjoyed reading this story . Again , this was a true story , no /fantasy/">fantasy . So if you don’t like my story , maybe you don’t like /reality/">reality ? Mail me anytime if you want to get in contact with me or want to read more stories I have written ’

I don’t bite ’hard !