Michelles Night Out

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Michelles Night Out

As we weren’t due to meet Mr Smith and Miss Jones at the restaurant until 8.00pm, I had arranged to meet Sarah at the local cafe. Sam and Jim had gone to watch a local soccer match and were going to join us at my house.

As I arrived at the coffee bar, Sarah was waiting outside. She was wearing a short see-through top and an incredibly short skirt. Just looking at her was making my pussy wet. We went inside, bought a cup of coffee each and found a table in a secluded corner of the cafe.

We started talking about how we had won the contest and how much we really enjoyed fucking and masturbating. Suddenly I realised that something was rubbing my pussy. As I looked down I saw that Sarah had removed her shoes and was using her big toe to rub my cunt lips. I looked at Sarah, smiled and told her what a horny bitch she was. This was really turning me on so I quickly bent down, removed my knickers and dropped them on the floor. As I sat back down Sarah pushed her toe right inside my cunt hole and started to move it slowly in and out. At the same time I was using my thumb and forefinger to rub my hard clit. By this time my breathing was getting faster and cunt cream was beginning to run down Sarah’s toe. Being fucked by someone’s toe was really weird but very sexy and, as I rubbed my clit harder and harder I had an enormous orgasm, my cunt juice covering Sarah’s toe.

As I bent down old waman xxxgx under the table to retrieve my knickers I looked towards where Sarah was sitting. She had removed her knickers and lifted her skirt over her waist, opening her legs wide to reveal her hairy fanny, pink cunt lips and hard clit. She had pushed three fingers up her cunt hole and was wanking furiously. I had to have a piece of the action, so, after sucking my cum of her toe, I moved over and started to use my tongue on her clit. As I lightly flicked at it she shivered with pleasure, small amounts of cunt cream running down her fingers and into my mouth. As Sarah neared orgasm her breathing got heavier and faster and her muscles started to tense then with one huge groan Sarah came, shooting the sweetest cum juice I had ever tasted deep into my mouth.

As I sat back at the table, Sarah looked at me with lust in her eyes as she said ’Wow, that was great, I really need another good fucking right now. Lets go to the Ladies’. ’OK’ I said, so with that Sarah left the table. I waited for a few minutes so no one in caf’ would be suspicious and then followed Sarah.

By the time I reached the cubicle, Sarah was sitting on the toilet seat, her clothes all over the floor. She had her legs wide apart with three fingers up her cunt hole, her thumb wanking her hard clit. She was using her other hand to pull and tweak her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. Very quickly I removed my clothes and sat on Sarah’s lap. I pulled Sarah’s hand out of her cunt and pushed bokep sma pecah perawan it deep into mine, at the same time pushing three fingers of my left hand deep into Sarah’s cunt while using my thumb to give her clit a good hard wank.

Sarah started to suck my huge hard nipples, immediately giving me yet another orgasm. As our fingers started to move faster and faster I could feel Sarah about to cum and with a huge moan she shot cunt juice over my fingers. I quickly pulled them out, sucked them dry and then knelt on the floor between her legs so I could use my tongue to suck her off. As my tongue touched her clit she orgasmed again, allowing me to taste her sweet cum juice. I really needed sucking off so I told Sarah that we should swap positions. It seemed like ages since I had last been sucked off by somebody of the same sex. I positioned myself on the seat, my legs as wide as they would go. Sarah looked at me, smiled and plunged her tongue so deep into my fanny that I started to orgasm straight away. Meanwhile, she had pushed her fingers up her cunt hole and was wanking herself off.

It wasn’t long be fore we both had orgasms again and and after licking each other’s cum from our bodies we got dressed and headed home. I was still feeling horny so I was going to make sure that I gave Sarah a good fucking once we got to my house.

When we reached my house, Jim and Sam were waiting for us. We went inside and Sam and Jim went into the lounge to watch a film.

I led Sarah up the stairs towards my bedroom. As we walked along the landing we had to pass my mums room from which came the very familiar sound of women having sex. I beckoned Sarah over to the door and very slowly and quietly opened it. My Mum was lying on her back on the bed completely naked. Between her wide open pussy lips was my sister Tina, her tongue pushed deep inside her cunt hole. Sitting on her face, in her favourite position was Nikki, Tina’s /friend/best-friend/">best friend. Mum was licking her out whilst Tina used her thumb to give her clit a good hard wank. She was using her other thumb and forefinger to pull and tweak at her nipples. Sighs and groans were coming from all three as they had orgasm after orgasm, cunt cream running everywhere.

I looked at Sarah who by this time had removed her knickers and had three fingers up her cunt. ’Come on’ I whispered, ’lets leave them here and go to my room for a good /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck’. With that Sarah turned round and we headed for my room. Once inside we removed our clothes in virtually no time, falling onto the bed and eagerly exploring each other’s cunt holes, clits, /nipples/tits-nipples/tits-and-nipples/">tits and nipples. As we sucked and wanked we each had two or three massive orgasms licking cunt cream from our fingers as we went.

It was at this point that I realised we weren’t alone, for standing by the door was my Mum, still with no clothes on, her hard erect red nipples sticking out from her tits, her hairy fanny glistening with cum as she wanked her hard clit. In her other hand she was holding her favourite /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys, a 7’ vibrator and 12’ double-ended dildo. She also had her newest toy, a 10’ strap on Dildo. ’Come on then girls’ my Mum said. ’It seems like ages since I fucked you two 13 year olds. Lets get down to some serious fucking’. With that she strapped the Dildo on and ordered me to kneel on the bed.

This was going to be very horny so I screamed at mum ’/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard mum, ram your hard cock up my ass’. No sooner had I finished talking than my mum said ’OK Michelle, get ready’. Mum rubbed the end of the dildo against my anus and then gradually pushed until it was deep into my ass. As she started to pound in and out I was using my thumb and forefinger on my clit. Meanwhile Sarah had picked up the 7’ vibrator and was running it all over her tits and extremely hard nipples. She then plunged it towards her fanny and used it on her clit before ramming it right up her cunt hole causing her to scream and have yet another massive orgasm. She was a horny bitch and I really wanted to suck her off. ’Stand in front of me’ I ordered. Sarah stood in front of me and pushed her cunt hole and clit towards my mouth. As I swayed back and forth from the fucking I was getting I plunged my tongue into her in rhythm. It wasn’t long before myself and Sarah had huge orgasms.

As we collapsed exhausted on the bed mum said how horny she felt and that we would have to give her a good seeing to. We felt really exhausted but luckily for us it was at this point that Jim and Sam came into the bedroom. ’Good’ my mum said. ’I really need a good fucking. It’s been ages since I’ve had two teenage cocks inside me’.

With that she ordered Jim and Sam to remove their clothes. ’Right’ said Mum, ’Jim I want you to lie on the floor so I can straddle you. Sam, I want you to kneel behind me and fuck me up the ass’.

By now Jim and Sam both had massive hardons, Jim’s 6’ sticking up into the air, precum already seeping from his cock head. As my mum straddled his cock Sarah let out a gasp. Wow Sam, this is the first time I’ve ever seen you fuck another women. Make sure you give it to her as hard as you do me’. With that Sam started ramming his hard cock in and out of Mums ass hole. Being only 13 Sam could go on for ages if required as mum pounded up and down on his hard cock. You could see that mum was nearing orgasm as her breathing got faster and the moans got louder eventually a huge scream coming from her lips as she orgasmed twice in succession. The contraction of her cunt muscles was too much for Jim and Sam who pulled their cocks out and sent the most amazing amount of boy cum all over her back and hairy cunt. Sarah always liked tasting Sam’s cum so she got off the bed and proceeded to lick it from my mums back. At the same time I licked Jims from my mums cunt and clit. By this time the boys were hard again, as most 13 year olds recover very quickly, and stood by our faces wanking off their massive cocks until more cum sprayed into our mouths.

By this time it was getting late and we needed to get ready for our meal. After showering together, during which time we sucked off the boy’s cocks, we got dressed and waited for the taxi to take us to the restaurant.

We had arranged to met Mr Smith and Miss Jones by Mr Smiths sports car. We looked around for a few minutes and then spotted the car in a secluded corner away from the restaurant. As we approached I realised that I could her the sound of fucking. Mr Smith and Miss Jones were both naked; Mr Smith was sat in the passenger seat with Miss Jones astride his massive 12’ cock. As she bucked up and down Mr Smith was biting her hard nipples sending orgasm after orgasm through her body.

’Wow!’ I said to the others. ’Lets join them in a fuck’. ’Great idea’ they all said. With that we quickly removed our clothes and I sat on the bonnet of the car, my legs wide apart to reveal my clit and hairy cunt lips. As I used my fingers on my clit, Jim was ramming his hard cock deep into my cunt hole. Meanwhile Sarah was standing up leaning over the bonnet while Sam fucked her from behind. ’Fuck me hard Sam you bastard’ she screamed. ’Shoot your spunk deep in my cunt hole’.

The action of Miss Jones bucking up and down on Mr Jones’s cock was causing the car to rock in such a way that each time Jim rammed his cock into my cunt, I was pushing my cunt towards him. This meant that he was penetrating me incredibly deeply, almost immediately causing me to orgasm. Sam was also able to really ram his cock deep into Sarah’s cunt. Meanwhile the moans and groans from Mr Smith and Miss Jones were getting louder and louder. Miss Jones rubbed her hard huge clit until she had a massive orgasm. As her cunt tightened on Mr Jones cock he shot his load of cum deep into her cunt hole.