The Future Looks Bright

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The Future Looks Bright

Nikki looked down on the box that rested quietly on her bed. It was the size of a shoebox and had arrived just that day from her company. She knew what was in it, but had not yet opened it. Shed been placed naked in a machine the week prior and scanned by lasers and sonar and God knows what else. When the scan was done some technician showed her the images on his computer and she blushed like never before. Here was this stranger looking at what essentially was a perfect rendition of her body. He pointed at the screen and talked to her flatly. Hed seen this all before.

"Ms. Naleen, you are going to need to shave before you don your suit." he said, "The minute hairs here and here will interfere with the technology. You know what? Just shave all over, everything except your head."

She looked at him for a moment, surprised with how casually she was discussing shaving her body with a stranger. She finally nodded slowly at him. A few more instructions later and she was ushered out. She had been glad to leave that bizarre place, but now she was staring down at the box of personalized items she would be wearing to Future World.

She couldnt believe that shed won the contest that allowed her to go. Along with attending a conference with her boss in one of the most high tech places in the world, shed also be given a stipend of one hundred thousand dollars to spend on any of the high tech gadgets that they offered. She hadnt really known at the time that shed be forced to stand naked in a cold chamber and have her body bared before all sorts of strangers. Theyd blown cold air on her during the scan, making her skin ripple with goose bumps and making her nipples stand at attention at the end of her ample breasts. She tried to remain standing upright while she shivered and failed. They had to start the scan twice, just to get her readings.

Back in her bedroom she stood in a towel, dripping slightly from her shower, gazing at the tightly wrapped box. The return address read that it was from Future World proper, a tiny island off the coast of Africa. She reached down and carefully split the clear tape holding it closed with her long thumbnail. She slid out another case that simply had a hand print on it. Nikki placed the case on her bed and turned and closed the blinds tighter. She picked up the email from her boss that shes printed out and read it again.

From: John.Binder at Aquatech dot com (April 22, 2010)

To: Nikki.Naleen at Aquatech dot com


You will receive a package from Future world. You can open the package up if you are curious, but do not wear on the articles until at least 6:00 AM, as they are time sensitive. You will be picked up by a driver at 9:00 AM, be ready on time!

I bet you are looking forward to this conference as much as I am.

Once again, congratulations on winning the grand prize!



Nikki placed the printout next to the case and looked at it closer. It was dull silver with rounded edges and the only feature on the front of the case was a large, black hand print. It looked like she could just place her hand right within the boundaries. She did so and there came a beep and a click and the case opened. She jumped slightly at the surprising click and dropped her towel. She cautiously opened the case and looked inside. Right on top was what appeared to be some type of cloth. She grabbed it and picked it up and held it out. It was a cat-suit, seemingly made of some strange metallic fabric. It shone like chrome in the dim light of her bedroom and she carried it to the bathroom to get a closer look. She examined the fabric with her magnifying mirror and couldnt find a seam nor could she spot fibers. It wasnt latex or rubber or metal, just something entirely different. She gave the neckline a tug and found that it gave a little while the fabric was still cool, but tightened when warmed by the heat in her hands. Nikki wondered if she could get her entire body into it through the neck hole and stretched at it. It opened enough for her with constant tugging. She was still slightly damp from her shower and decided that shed put the liquid metal cat-suit back.

She returned to her bedroom and looked in the case. There was an instructional manual in the case that had been concealed by the cat-suit. Next to it was another garment made of the liquid metal. She held it out and looked at it carefully. She realized that it was a hood meant to go over her head and her eyes got wide. While most of the fabric that would cover her head was that soft and flexible, there was a lens over each eye made of some clear glass that was harder. There was also something that would slide into her ears that would act like ear buds and transmit sound. She was a bit horrified by the idea that there was no mouth opening, but according to the directions, the fabric would open and respond to commands. There was a strange node at the base of the neck, but she had no idea what it was for and the directions didnt cover its function. She threw the hood on the bed with some disgust and resigned herself that it was for the company and the $100,000 worth of prizes.

She snatched the discarded towel off the floor and hurried into the bathroom to finish drying off. After fifteen minutes shed blown her hair dry and made sure she was entirely dry. The towel stimulated her skin where shed shaved just a half an hour ago, which just happened to be everywhere, and she was covered with goose bumps by the time she finished. Her thoughts had been on that cat-suit. Shed always wanted one, but never had ordered one from that online catalog she frequently looked at. She considered that if shed had a boyfriend who was into them that shed have one in a heartbeat. She didnt have a boyfriend and she sighed. Work was more important to her than her personal life and she had no time to meet people. She glanced over at her cell phone as she finished brushing the heat out of her hair. It only rang for work, she literally had no family, her friends never called, and she was on the do not call list. She thought that if she slipped and hit her head in the bathroom, it would be days before someone even thought to call her; maybe a week before work really missed her. She resolved to get in touch with her friends more after she got back from her trip, but again the thought of the trip and the thoughts of that tight cat-suit came to her heavily.

She snuck out of the bathroom, like the cat-suit or hood would see her and sat on the bed. Her hand inched closer to the fabric and she felt its cool slickness and just had to know what it felt like upon her body. She snatched it up and began to slide it onto her body. She had to work quickly, first carefully stretching the neck opening and then sliding her legs into it. The fabric tightened as she warmed it, but fit her alain lyle porn body perfectly. She now had it up to her waist and noticed the strange nodules set into the fabric on the inside of the suit. They lined up perfectly with her clitoris and her nipples and gripped them gently like soft fingers. She remarked internally that there was probably a perfectly good reason for them and slid the suit up onto her arms. She hadnt noticed that the sleeves ended in gloves before, but she noticed now. As she wiggled and shifted the suit into its final position it tightened and gripped her body tightly. Nikki thought she heard a indian santali xvideo faint beep from behind her and looked around, perhaps it was the case. As she stepped forward the suit grew wedges on the feet. Soon she found herself tip-toeing to the bedroom on five inch wedges. In the bright bathroom she was amazed by the metal goddess in the mirror. Awkwardly perched on the metal goddess was her head. She felt a tinge of guilt at ruining such a beautiful sight. An amazing curvy body, with perky breasts and standing high on her toes and looking just so divine and then, sitting there looking imperfect, her frumpy head. She almost ran back to her bedroom and grabbed the hood and did run back to the bathroom. She inhaled deeply as she pulled the hood on over her head. The ear buds settled perfectly into her ears while the lenses settled perfectly over her eyes. She looked in the mirror and gasped. The metal goddess was complete and staring at her. She ran her hands up and down her body and felt the nodules built into the suit reacting. She turned and twisted in the mirror and tried to talk dirty to herself, but found the hood restricted her voice a bit. She felt silly and ordered the mouth to open, but it did no such thing. There was a mechanical beep and a message flashed in her eyes telling her to please make certain that her hair was tucked properly into the suit and that no obstructions were in between the suit and the hood. She blinked and read the message a few times, but then complied. As soon as her hair was all out of the way another beep came and she felt a cold ribbon around her neck. She looked in the mirror and the seam between the suit and the hood had vanished. A heads up display flashed in her vision and read ?4:00? for a moment and then shrank and moved to the edge of her vision. She watched it for a moment and it became 3:59.

A voice made her nearly jump out of her skin. It was her boss talking through the ear buds. "Nikki, you werent supposed to put on the suit till 6 AM. Didnt you get the email?"

"Uhh yes sir," she replied, her voice slightly muffled, "I just thought..."

"Never mind thinking." came his voice again, "Look were going to have to send the car to come get you now, get your things packed up and be waiting outside in two hours. Itll be three oclock, but we have no choice."

"Im sorry sir," she tried to say, but it came out as ahm sowwy sah." He assured her that it was going to be fine, but she might be tired on the flight.

Nikki ran around and gathered up the other items shed need for her trip. Personal effects, clothing, toiletries, and her cell phone all went into her personal travel bag. Shed packed for a week and the bag was rather heavy. She looked at the clock. It was now 2:54. She looked at herself in the mirror, horrified that shed have to go outside in such a revealing outfit. She reached into her closet and pulled out a long black trench coat. She put the vinyl trench coat on and looked in the mirror. Nikki thought she looked like a silver hooker. Going back to her closet she pulled out a blond wig and positioned it on her head.

"There!" she thought, "Now from a distance you cant tell."

She grabbed her bags and slid soundlessly out of her apartment. At once she saw a strange vehicle in the street. It was a large truck with horizontal tubes laid across the back. The tubes were about three feet wide in diameter and eight or nine feet long. A plainly dressed technician was waiting outside for her.

"Nikki Naleen?" he asked her. She nodded and he motioned her forward. He pressed a button on a remote and one of the tubes slid off the back and rested its base on the ground. It opened like a two door refrigerator and she saw a depression inside that was shaped like her. He motioned her inside and pulled off her jacket and wig as she approached. She turned to him and tried to ask him if he was serious. Did they really expect her to get in that thing? The technician pushed her into the depression and told her that it was how people traveled Future World. It was all part of the experience. She sighed and lay back in tube designed just for her. The tech pressed a button near her head and straps wrapped around her wrists, arms, waist, forehead, chin, neck, thighs and ankles. She tried to protest, but the one over her chin and forehead were pulling her mouth wide open and made speech difficult. The tech then touched a strange needle like device to her mouth and the fabric pulled away.

"Aahhah." said Nikki as her jaw would not move and her words were garbled. The lenses on Nikkis hood flashed in her eyes for a moment and then began showing her a preview of Future World. She could not see the technician as he measured her mouth and selected the appropriate size ballgag from a rack of ballgags. He inserted the straps into the device on either side of her head as she made pathetic mewling noises and placed the ball of the gag right at the tip of her teeth and pressed another button. The gag tightened and sealed her mouth, save for the tube that ran out of the gag and supplied Nikki with air and whatever else they desired. Nikki screamed as the gag filled her mouth and started yelling that shed had enough, but it was too late. She was held fast. The technician pressed another button on his needle like device and the suit closed tightly around the tube poking out of her ballgag.

The tech closed the canister she was in and it returned to its designated location. He then pulled a garbage bag out of the cab of the truck and slid Nikkis raincoat, wig and luggage into it and tossed it into a nearby dumpster. As he started the truck and pulled away, he remarked to himself that the latest girl had some /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits. Soon shed be to the processing center and on her way to Future World.