Night at the movies

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Night at the movies

It was simple, we were two girls out at the movies after a long day of high school, and we turned into the main attraction!

We had just gotten out of high school, late, as always because of the huge homework load we always got, and me and my /girlfriend/">girlfriend Katy decided to go see a movie. Were we going to watch it? Of course not. Me and Katy had the same /fantasy/">fantasy, the same /fetish/">fetish. /public/public-sex/sex-in-public/">sex in public places.
We arrived at the movies horny, after teasing each other the hole ride there. We looked at the schedule and chose a movie that we assumed wouldn't have too many people, and bought our tickets.
We walked to the right theater room, and to our joy and /surprise/">surprise, there was only a single man! It was perfect, sex in a public place, and no one to see! We took our seats near the front of the theater and started kissing, paying no attention to the movie in front of us, and then we realize, neither was the man! He was watching us

"What do you want to do?" Katy whispered, nervous.
"Well,"I replied, my bi self kicking in, "Lets go give him a show!"
We walked up to where he was, and saw the bulge in his pants.
"Hey there," I laughed, "Movies not that interesting hey?"
"Um, no, um, but, why are you up here?" He nervously replied
"Well, I saw you watching, and me and my girlfriend Katy here," I smiled, grabbing Katy's ass, "Came to give you a good show!"

He was a middle aged man, average looking, but nothing special. He looked like the kind of guy who came to movies to get away from a nagging wife or other family problems, so, we decided to give him a kick on this outing.
I instantly took of Katy's skirt, revealing her smooth waxed pussy, moist from excitement and pushed a finger into her, she gasped from the surprise, and closed her eyes. I pulled it out and put full hd xvideo download it to her lip.
"Suck, taste yourself" I whispered to her.
She took my finger into her mouth and sucked it clean, moaning at the taste of herself.

I unbuttoned her top then, smiled at the front close bra as I took it off of her, kissing her mouth, then trailing kisses all the way down to her nipple and started sucking on it, flicking and swirling my tongue. She moaned in pleasure. As did the man.
Until then, we had forgotten the guy, engaged in our own pleasure to notice the man there, in as much pleasure as we were.
"Avy," Katy moaned, her head tilted back in pleasure.
I grinned as I sucked harder, rubbing my hand up and down her wet slit.
"Avy! I'm going to cum!" she gasped out.

I pushed a finger into her pussy fast, grinning at her constant moans.
I felt shock as a squirt of warm cum hit my side, and remembered again the man, obviously engaged in extreme self pleasure as he masturbated to us, I was pleased at the pleasure we'd been giving him.
Katy orgasmed hard, multiple times, and then dropped to her knee's to make me do the same. She pulled off my skirt and /thong/">thong and started instantly tongue-fucking free porn movies download my little cunt as I moaned, leaning back in a seat with my legs spread wide for her. She worked her tongue deep in my pussy and over my aroused clit, making me cum in only minutes, and boy did I /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard.

Once we had both finished, we each kissed the man on the cheek, handed him our phone numbers, and told him to call anytime if he wanted another show, as it would be our pleasure, literally.

*Based on a real experience, more to come