Access to Andrew Rich's FTP server

You will required to FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) a file(s) up to the server.

Once uploaded, the file will be available at the URL

Please use the following commands

01. Create a folder and place your file in that folder for example c:\for_andrew and copy your file into this directory

02. Open a DOS window - Start, Run "cmd"

03. At the DOS prompt, change into your newly made folder "cd \for_andrew"

04. This should place you in the directory containing your file.

05. Next start the ftp session by typing "ftp"

06. You will be asked to put in a username which is ""

07. And password is "password1234"

08. You will be then presented with a prompt

09. You can use pwd ( present working directory ) or dir ( dircetory listing ) to see what is on the server.

10. Best to select "bin" for the transfer method ( as opposed to ASCII )

11. prompt off ( stops the system from asking you each time you want to transfer a file )

12. If you have one file, you can use "put" if you have many files you can use "mput"

13. Use a dir to confirm your file

14. View the file listing at ""

Some examples of the put and mput command.

put andrew_linux.iso

mput andrew*

Sample session :-

linux:~ # ftp

Connected to

220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------

220-You are user number 8 of 50 allowed.

220-Local time is now 02:43. Server port: 21.

220-This is a private system - No anonymous login

220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.

220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Name (

331 User OK. Password required


230 OK. Current restricted directory is /

Remote system type is UNIX.

Using binary mode to transfer files.

ftp> pwd

257 "/" is your current location?Invalid command.

ftp> bin

200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary

ftp> prompt off

Interactive mode off.

ftp> put LINUX_FILE.iso

local: LINUX_FILE.iso remote: LINUX_FILE.iso

500 Unknown command

227 Entering Passive Mode (72,52,250,172,225,35)

150 Accepted data connection

226 File successfully transferred

ftp> dir

227 Entering Passive Mode (72,52,250,172,12,252)

150 Accepted data connection

drwxr-xr-x 2 techenet techenet 4096 May 17 02:55 .

drwxr-xr-x 2 techenet techenet 4096 May 17 02:55 ..

-rw-r--r-- 1 techenet techenet 0 May 17 02:55 LINUX_FILE.iso

226-Options: -a -l

226 3 matches total

ftp> quit

Some handy FTP commands

pwd - present working directory

cd - change dircetory ( on server )

lcd - local change directory

dir - dircetory listsing ( on server )

prompt - toggle promping on and off

put - uplaod a single file

mput - upload many files

quit - exit ftp session

user - if you stuff up your login and you are the ftp prompt - type "user <username>"

mkdir - make a new dircetory on the server

help - list ftp commands

get - get a single file from the server

mget - get many files from the server

binary - set transfer method to binary mode

ascii - set transfer method to ascii

type - see what transfer method is currently active binary or ascii

- Andrew -